under the sea tools box

In the box you received you should find the following tools and supplies.

If something is missing, let us know ASAP by email to camp@miacakehouse.com


S1 Silicone Mat Tool
S2 Plastic Knife Tool
S3 Rolling pin Tool
S4 Circle Cutter Cookie Cutter
S5 Fondant Ruler Tool
S6 Fondant Template Tool
S7 Large ball tool Tool
S8 Small ball tool Tool
S9 Brushes Tool
A12 Star tip #16  Tip
A1 Sandwich cookie cutter Cookie Cutter
S10 Angled spatula Tool
A2 Cereal bowl cookie cutter Cookie Cutter
A3 Icecream cup cookie cutter Cookie Cutter
A4 Churro cookie cutter Cookie Cutter
A5 Pretzel cookie cutter Cookie Cutter
A6 Starbucks cup cookie cutter Cookie Cutter
A7 Poptart (rectangle) cookie cutter Cookie Cutter
A8 Small flower cutter for strawberries Cookie Cutter
S11 Black edible marker – AllergensKosher Cert  Edible Marker
A10 Green edible marker – AllergensKosher Cert  Edible Marker


A9 Edible Glue – Ingredients Edible
A11 Silver Highlighter Powder
A13 Large piping gel – Ingredients Accesory
A14 White gel – AllergensKosher Cert Gel
A15 Toothpicks Accesory
A16 Gel gold+warm brown+vodka – AllergensKosher Cert  Gel
A17 Coconut flakes – Ingredients Edible
A18 Nonpareils white – Ingredients Sprinkles
A19 Granulated sugar Edible
A20 Small cake pop stick Accesory
A22 Super Red gel paste+vodka – AllergensKosher Cert  Gel
A23 Wafer paper electric green lettuce  Edible
A24 Parchment paper x 1 pcs Accesory
A25 Disposable plate Accesory
A26 Fondant – Ingredients – Kosher Edible

Buttercream white 1 in container – Ingredients

A28 Buttercream baby yellow in container –Ingredients Buttercream
A29 Buttercream white 2 with star tip #16 – Ingredients  Buttercream
A30 Red Buttercream in piping bag – Ingredients Buttercream
A31 Chocolate Buttercream in piping bag – Ingredients Buttercream
A32 Cinnamon sugar  Edible
A33 Starbucks edible image  – Ingredients Accesory
A34 Bun paper template – download pdf Template
A35 Lucky Charms cereal –  Ingredients Cereal
A36 Clear sugar crystals – Ingredients Sprinkles
A37 Non pareils- different colors – Ingredients Sprinkles

Red Sixlet – ingredients

A38 Jimmies- different colors – Ingredients Sprinkles