Thursday- Food Illusions Cake

For the cake decorating day we will need the following:

2 pieces of cake cut in the shape of a bun


  • S1 Silicone Mat
  • S2 Plastic Knife
  • S3 Rolling pin
  • S4 Circle Cutter
  • S5 Fondant Ruler
  • S6 Fondant Template
  • S9 Brushes
  • S10 Angled spatula
  • Scissors (provided by camper)
  • A9 Edible Glue
  • A15 Toothpicks
  • A16 Brown edible paint
  • A23 Electric green wafer paper (lettuce)
  • A25 Disposable plate
  • A26 Fondant
  • A27 White Buttercream
  • A28 Baby Yellow Buttercream
  • A34 Bun paper template – download
  • A39 Cold cut template- download pdf
  • Parchment paper (provided by camper)
  • Tools for 2 bun cakes:
    • 8″ cake pan or bigger
    • Serrated knife
    • Pan release spray
    • Parchment paper
    • Saran wrap

Watch the following videos to prepare and practice:

      • How to bake a vanilla cake
      • How to use the bun template