under the sea tools box

In the box you received you should find the following tools and supplies.

If something is missing, let us know ASAP by email to camp@miacakehouse.com

Code Tools
S1 Silicone Mat Tool
S2 Plastic Knife Tool
S3 Rolling pin Tool
S4 Circle Cutter Cookie Cutter
S5 Fondant Ruler Tool
S6 Fondant Template Tool
S7 Large ball tool Tool
S8 Small ball tool Tool
B1 Smiley tool Tool
S9 Brushes Tool
S10 Angled spatula Tool
B2 Scraper PME 5″ Tool
B3 Under the sea silicone mold Wilton Silicone mold
B4 Frame cookie cutter Cookie Cutter
B5 Jellyfish cookie cutter Cookie Cutter
B6 Octopus cookie cutter Cookie Cutter
B7 Narwhol cookie cutter Cookie Cutter
B8 Starfish cookie cutter Cookie Cutter
B39 Medium Starfish cookie cutter Cookie Cutter
B9 Seashell cookie cutter Cookie Cutter
Small star tip #30 Tip
S11 Black marker Edible marker
B22 Pink marker Edible marker
B23 Purple marker Edible marker
B11 Silver Highlighter Powder
B10 Ultra super pearl Powder
B12 Piping gel large container Piping bags
B14 White gel Gel
B13 Watermelon dust Powder
B15 Toothpicks Accesory
B16 Small white candy pearls Sprinkles
Small black candy pearls Sprinkles
Sixlet  white candy Sprinkles
B17 Medium black candy pearls Sprinkles
Medium white candy Sprinkles
B20 Small cake pop stick Accesory
B18 Gold sugar crystals Sprinkles
B19 Rainbow disco dust Powder
B26 Fondant Edible
B24 Dark teal buttercream Buttercream
B25 Light teal buttercream Buttercream
B27 White Buttercream in piping bag Buttercream
B28 Pink buttercream star tip in piping bag Buttercream
B35 Graham crackers (crushed)+gold sugar crystals mix Edible
B36 Under the sea sprinkles mix Sprinkles
B37 Orange goldfish sprinkles Sprinkles
B38 8″ gold scalloped board Accesory