In this camp, we will be using ZOOM. Make sure you have downloaded the app to your tablet or computer and that you know how it works before the first day of camp.

Here are some basic rules to follow to ensure the success of the camp:

1. Sign in with your real name. Before the session starts, you will enter a waiting room. Once we see your name on the list, we will let you in the classroom. If you use a nickname that we cannot recognize, you might not be allowed in the classroom.

2. Be prepared. Every activity has a different set of tools, supplies, and pastries. Prepare your work area following the instructions in the PREPARATION AND SETUP section. Your pastries should be baked in advance and prepared (e.g. cake that should be trimmed and placed in the freezer until the instructor asks you to use them).

3. Practice. You will be better ready for the daily project if you practice before the session starts.

4. Be on time. Log in to your zoom account 10 minutes before the session starts (12pm Eastern time). We recommend that you eat before we begin. Although we will have a short break during the activity, there will not be enough time to have a meal. 

5. Use headphones or earbuds. It’s easier for you to hear and interact if you use these devices. If there are two active ZOOM sessions in the same room, you MUST wear headphones or earbuds because if not,  loud feedback will come from the computers.

6. Stay in one spot unless we are on a break. Try to resist the urge to leave the activity. Halfway through the session, campers will be given about 15 minutes to go to the bathroom, have a snack, etc. The projects are step by step, and you’ll have to follow the instructions. If you leave, we will have already advanced before you return. In that case, you will be able to watch the recorded session after it’s over.

7. Be respectful. We ask you to be respectful to other campers and instructors. Remember that if you are unmuted, everyone can hear what’s going on in your room. The camp counselors will be able to mute the campers in case they interfere with the class or behave in a disrespectful way.

8. Eliminate distractions. No TV or background music should be played while we are working.

9. Ask questions. If you have a question, please press the “raise your hand” button so we can unmute you and answer your question.

10. Manage your temper. Sometimes we try something and it doesn’t work the first time. Like making a shape with fondant, sticking things together, or using the edible marker. Don’t get frustrated, it’s normal. Remember that you are just starting to work with fondant and things will be easier as we advance.